Saturday, May 16, 2009

Acero House

WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG! I want to thank my sweet daughters Krista and Jennie for setting this up and coaching me through this. I am so excited to share the highlights of my world and I hope my children will want to peek in every so often!

We just finished the 2009 Parade of Homes
! The ACERO made a great showing! It had a lot of attention. Stacy even heard them on the radio talk about this house. It is so unique and spectacular. It really had a lot of attention!

I am so glad Stacy got to build the Acero house. The amount of structural steel necessary to scuplt Acero, not only gave Acero its name (Spanish for steel), but also represents 25 % of the total construction cost of the house. Justin designed the house and it is amazing! Stacy said it is the most spectacular house he has ever built. Justin really got Stacy to pound that square peg into the round hole. In the write up for the Parade of Homes Magazine, Justin ended a really nice article with this- "Acero is a Slade project that combines Stacy's building expertise and Justin's design to create a unique and amazing home. Not unlike many family businesses, the Slade dynamic is reminiscent of an episosde of Orange County Chopper, where father and son clash, in a dramatic but constructive fashion, to create something special!"



You go up a few steps where there are two 15 foot automatic glass doors that open with a sensor!

The stair case is awesome! It is a free standing staircase made of glass and steel.

This is overlooking the pool into the kitchen!

It looks like the room is flooting on the water!

In the kitchen you see a glass floor with the pool runing underneath! It has a real WOW affect!

Here you get a glimps of the indoor Jaccussi which is a beautiful water feature in the great room. It is backed up to a cozy fire pit behind the stone wall.

These are some beautiful shots of looking throught the waterfall into the great room!


My friend Holly came by and we were just having some fun on the bed in the master!

This bed is a free standing bed over a glass floor!

And of course the bed has to be backwards to be even more unique!

Underneath is a beautiful tropical atrium!

360 degree view from the Entertainment room above!

This has been fun!
Love ya!