Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach Trip to babysit for Troy


Stacy & I got to go to Temecula to Babysit for Troy
while he and Leeann went to his Dental Conference in San Diego!
It was so much fun! Troy's 3 little girls are fun and easy to watch.
I just forget how tired i get with 3 little ones.
I always wonder how i ever did it with 7.

Friday evening, Troy, Leeann, Krista, Stacy and I stayed up late playing cards.
Then we got up early to take care of the girls while Troy LeeAnn and Krista took off.
Troy was dropping Krista off at friends in Carlsbad.

Then the party began!
We took off to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas!

Olive - Do you like my hat?

Scout is always festive with a flower in her hair!

All us girls just love the beach!
Gramma, Olive Scout and Tyler!

I could just sit there all day- bask in sun,
listen to the waves crash, run my toes in the sand and just watch the kids play!
That is so relaxing! LOVE IT!

Fun in the Sun!
Notice Grampa had a good nap!

Now do you like my hat?

Grampa finally woke up and joined in the fun!

Olive being a daddy's girl, also loves her Grampa!

With lots of loves!

Travis is working in Orange County this summer selling Pest Control
and came to join us for a few hours!

Always funner with Uncle Trav!

Moonlight Beach is a beautiful beach!
It is clean and has a big grassy children's park.
There were a lot of canape ed picnic areas which were all full with parties!
It was definitely a children's beach!
Perfect! That's we were going for!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Young Women River Trip!

The Young Women River Trip 2010

Stacy and I were invited to go on the Young Women
4th year hike River Trip down the Colorado.
It was sooooo much fun!

I was soooo impressed with all those young girls!
It was amazing that some of the girls
could even make it down that river, but they did! and with flying colors!

Waiting for our bus to take us to our canoes.

Oh, the anticipation! I don't think they'll lose Sister Slade!

... .... Veronica, and Christy

That's our destination to begin our treck!

These Young Women were amazing!

They just jumped in those canoes and took off.

Some went the extra mile each time we stopped,

and had to paddle back up stream a ways,

to stay with the group!

Others, even though canoes tipped over or rowing partners gave out,

just kept on paddling with a smile on their face!

Hailey and Sarah! No one could keep up with these girls!

Stacy helping the girls out with their rowing techniques!

Hiking through the Hot Springs

Christy, Hailey, Sadie and Sarah! Girls day at the SPA!

Water too hot to step in long!


That's my MAN!

Further on down the river!

I could have just floated down the river all day!

It was soooo peaceful and beautiful!

Of course, Stacy would have to row for us to get were we wanted to be.

Amazing Green Slim!

Cindy had to take a close up!

Tiffany and Cindy! Great Fun!

Watch out!

There she goes!

Tiffany & David, Stacy & Teresa, and Cindy in the Jacuzzi!

Water fun!

The last canoe coming in for our camping spot,

was clear across the river straight out from us.

Our motor boat had hit a rock,

was floating down stream to the Willow Beach

and was out of commission.

Celine had Greg and Stacy pulling out a canoe

to go down stream to pull the girls back into shore.

All the girls on shore started cheering

these girls on, and those 2 little girls paddled and paddled.

They just started getting closer and closer.

The other girls yelled louder and louder.

Stacy and Greg never even got in the rescue canoe

and those girls rowed right into camp!

I went right to them, embraced them

and exclaimed my excitement that they made it!

They just smiled and said,

"We said a prayer! That's the reason we made it!"

Are they the BEST or what!

David helping Cindy set up camp!

Tents were saunas to sleep in,

but the girls were afraid of the spiders!

Stacy & I just slept out on an airbed inspite of the bugs.

We were the only ones that slept!

Stacy is the one i want to be with,

if ever stranded on a desert island…

or just camping with 30 4th years!

He made us the best dinner- which everyone wanted,

and we were the only ones to sleep comfortable in the heat!

He is the Camper Champ!

i love him so!

David serenaded us! What a treat!



Krista, my sis rowing away! She was Amazing!


Celine, you put on a GREAT RIVER TRIP!

It was perfect.

I am so impressed with those girls!

Even when they were tired and it became hard,

they never gave up!

Even when theIr canoes tipped over,

or they went past their pull off

and paddled back up river to get there- THEY DID IT!

They slept in sauna tents with spiders

and ate their drehydrated food,

and with exception of a few aches

and sunburns there was no complaining!

They were AMAZING!

And Celine, you set them up to SUCCEED!

Thanks for letting us come along for the fun!