Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach Trip to babysit for Troy


Stacy & I got to go to Temecula to Babysit for Troy
while he and Leeann went to his Dental Conference in San Diego!
It was so much fun! Troy's 3 little girls are fun and easy to watch.
I just forget how tired i get with 3 little ones.
I always wonder how i ever did it with 7.

Friday evening, Troy, Leeann, Krista, Stacy and I stayed up late playing cards.
Then we got up early to take care of the girls while Troy LeeAnn and Krista took off.
Troy was dropping Krista off at friends in Carlsbad.

Then the party began!
We took off to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas!

Olive - Do you like my hat?

Scout is always festive with a flower in her hair!

All us girls just love the beach!
Gramma, Olive Scout and Tyler!

I could just sit there all day- bask in sun,
listen to the waves crash, run my toes in the sand and just watch the kids play!
That is so relaxing! LOVE IT!

Fun in the Sun!
Notice Grampa had a good nap!

Now do you like my hat?

Grampa finally woke up and joined in the fun!

Olive being a daddy's girl, also loves her Grampa!

With lots of loves!

Travis is working in Orange County this summer selling Pest Control
and came to join us for a few hours!

Always funner with Uncle Trav!

Moonlight Beach is a beautiful beach!
It is clean and has a big grassy children's park.
There were a lot of canape ed picnic areas which were all full with parties!
It was definitely a children's beach!
Perfect! That's we were going for!

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